Erich Schmidt-Unterseher

Homage to Erich Schmidt-Unterseher, Sculptor and Graphic Artist 1920 - 1990

About the artist


1920 Erich Schmidt-Unterseher was born in Goggingen, Augsburg, Germany. His youth was spent in Heidenheim/Hahnenkamm and in Augsburg. After completion of College and admittance to the Technical University in Munich and studies of architecture, he was drafted into war and later became a prisoner of war in Russia.

1948 Attended the Art School of Augsburg, Germany.

1949-1952 Master of Arts at the University and the Art Academy of Munich, Germany with Professor Marx Müller, Painting and Graphic Art; Ceramics with Professor Eska and Hufnagel. He then received his Masters of Art and advanced to a "Gymnasium Professor" teaching at high school and college levels.

1958, 1959, 1960 The following years included studies with Oscar Kokoschka at the International Sommer Academy in the „School of Seeing," Salzburg, Austria by Oskar Kokoschka.

1962 Sculpting executed with clay and Plaster of Paris with G. Baragli and J. Zenzmaier and Prof. Minguzzi of Milano, Italy.

1966, 1968 Sculpting in wax models and bronze casting at Prof. Hl Kirchner, Munich, Germany.

Ehrenpreis der Stadt Salzburg

Honorary Prize of Salzburg, Austria

1966, 1970, 1972 Honorary prize presented by and of the city of Salzburg, Austria.

1977 Classes in etching with Prof. Eglau, Berlin, classes in lithography with Prof. Otte, Salzburg, Austria.

1980 Art Prize of the Episcopacy of Augsburg, Germany

1982 Art Prize of the District of Swabien.

One man art show of sculptures and graphic works in Holbein Haus in Augsburg, Germany.

1990 In 1990 Erich  deceased after a short illness in the presence of his family in Augsburg, Germany.

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