Erich Schmidt-Unterseher

Homage to Erich Schmidt-Unterseher, Sculptor and Graphic Artist 1920 - 1990

Participation in Art Exhibitions

1962 - 1990     28 years of participation in the “Big Swabien Annual Art Show”, Augsburg, Germany

1967 - 1990     Participation in the “Big Art Show”, in “Haus der Kunst”, Gallery Museum in Munich, Germany

1969     Art Show in the Residence Gallery in Salzburg, Austria

1971     Solo Art Show in the Austrian Culture Institute in Rome, Italy

1979     Art Show “Contemporary Art of Bavaria”, Bonn, Germany

1982     Solo show in the “Holbeinhaus”, Augsburg, Germany

1991     A  Retrospective  of Erich Schmidt-Unterseher executed by Dr. Jehl of the Schwabenakademie in Irsee, Germany and his wife, Christina Jarmolinski, artist.

2008     Retrospective in the Gallery in the Malerhof, Margertshausen, Germany

Further contribution to many art galleries throughout Europe.

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